Alexia Dia Aquila

“I am your anointed queen. I will never be by violence constrained to do anything.”


Austere and elegant, Alexia is a woman who wields her awesome power with untold grace. In one hand, she is merciful, a demure smile that promises light and hope for a better future. In the other hand, she is beautiful and terrible, her soul-crushing gaze staring from behind a voice that booms with the righteousness of her station.

Alexia is ever the picture of perfection. His skin is flawless, her hair tumbling perfectly and framing her gorgeous features. If shadow reflects what is Real, then it could be argued that beauty itself exists as a reflection of Alexia Dia Aquila.

Character Model to be Used: Cate Blanchett


“Victorious warriors win first, and then go to war.”

Alexia is a sovereign of untold age and power. She is the Courts of Chaos if they united behind a single leader; she is Oberon left unchecked and unchallenged. Alexia is the Chosen of the Eagle, uplifted by that Power to begin the dynasty that would one day topple Amber and the Courts of Chaos. She has operated in secret, preparing her war against the scions of her enemies, setting careful traps and laying plan after plan, until she was satisfied with the results.

Alexia is unquestionably the most powerful wielder of Trump in all of existence. Her talents with the power put to shame all of other masters and savants with casual ease. The Eagle chose wisely, and not in haste; the never was and never will be another like Alexia Dia Aquila.

Alexia Dia Aquila

Theme Song: Your Orders, Soldier

Alexia Dia Aquila

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