Annalee Dia Aquila

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“You are more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!”

Annalee is a creative in every way. With a wardrobe full of life and color, she always lights up a room. Her smile is contagious and her blue eyes are entrancing. She has soft porcelain skin that has become a canvas for her works of art. Everything she does just has this touch of personality to it. One hundred percent of her goes into everything she does and it is written all over her. There is just this aura she radiates that fills the area she occupies. She is a small package full of great things.

Character Model: Kelly Eden
Flag Colors / Crest: Pink and Light Blue with a pair of feathers in the shape of a heart.


“If I had to choose between being a heart or a brain I’d definitely choose a heart because at least you’d do something. If you’re a brain, at the end of the day all you’re really at is settling for shitty situations.”

Annalee looks at everything with an open mind. Existence is full of all possibilities and she refuses to miss out on any of them. She feels it is a waste of time to dwell on the negative and mistakes. Everything is challenge and she needs to adapt and grow from it. She is a social chameleon and the life of the party. Her passion is the most extreme quality she has. When her mind is set, she is nearly unstoppable.


“I really just want to encourage and inspire people to use their freedom in a positive way and in a way that is inspiring to other people. I want to continue to pass down the seeds of change within the world. I think that it can start with just one person. Just like a rumor can get carried on, so can inspiration.”

Annalee is a natural performer. With a knack for the artistic path that her mother has, she chose to explore many different mediums to find out which fit her the best. She soon discovered that she loves them all. From painting, to sculpture, to even performance art, she loves to create. Some may say she is a traveling gypsy, but she just does not feel the need to settle down. She moves a lot through shadow as different personas to entertain the masses. The reason she never really took the time to meet her mother’s side of the family is because she was just too engrossed in her own work. Once she learned of her talent she took off with it like a speeding bullet.
-The time has come now though, for her to settle down somewhat and find out where her true roots come from. With her first Feast of the Unicorn just around the corner, she is eager to meet her other family members. It will be interesting to see how they react to her, and even more interesting to see what they think of her lack of face time around Amber.

The Real Story

Annalee was born into a small, but loving family. As she grew up, her mother encouraged her to become whatever it was she wanted to be. From birth, it was evident that Annalee wanted to be a creator. Her mother first say this when Annalee was around the age of six. One of the servants had accidentally knocked over a vase while trying to rush Annalee towards her studies. The vase hit the ground and shattered. The poor servant soon became frantic. However, Annalee just smiled and tugged on the servant’s shirt. “Don’t worry, I can fix it!” Annalee exclaimed. She knelt down next to rubble and slowly moved the pieces around. Like almost magic, she began to form the mess into a beautiful flower pattern. It was no vase anymore, but it was something new. The servant got her some adhesive and soon they had a new, more interesting sculpture.

This pattern continued as she grew older. Annalee would find things that people considered ‘broken’ and she turned it into something beautiful. She had decided that no matter how bad things looked, there was always a way to come out smiling. It might not be the path that you set out to walk, but you could always redefine what it was that you in fact wanted.

That is why trump came so naturally to her. Not only was it in her blood, but it was this whole new means by which to create. Trump gave her the ability to play with the very building blocks of reality. Her passion and heart was what made trump come so easily.

And so, as Annalee grew up, she went about working on things. She never really moved far from home though. She loved her mother and her brother, and so, she felt the obligation to give them the same support they gave her. Family was something that was important to her. On top of that she had a duty to her kingdom. This is why she was so obedient when it came her mother’s plan with the Eagle. Annalee had no reason to not trust these people she loved.

The Oncoming Storm

Annalee was given a mission. She had to infiltrate Amber and to instigate a civil war. Although she was not a fan of the situation, she trusted that her mother had her reasons. Again, she had no reason not to.

So there she was, being accepted in as family from the Amberites, only to ensure their downfall. It did not bother her in the beginning. While she was there, a good deal of the people she met lived up to the rumors or descriptions she was taught growing up. And so, she really didn’t feel like what she was doing was wrong. It was when she met the more respectable Amberites, she began to feel uneasy. She knew that something bad was coming to them, and that she was one of the people responsible.

That was when she decided to push where she felt most confident, but let Virgil handle most of the work. It was what he was being used for anyways. In her spare time, she decided to get to know some of the more favorable Amberites better. Then it happened; she began to grow attached. Cullen managed to capture her care and heart. Things became even more complicated for herself.

Then it happened. War broke out, and chaos ensued. She knew it was coming, but when she actually saw it, it was difficult to accept. Violence was never a solution that Annalee ever relied on. She honestly could not understand why it was so easy for the Amberites to split apart. She just wanted all the fighting to stop. That is why she told Virgil to go ahead with the plan without thought. In her own world, she never thought it would be something so destructive. As she watched those entire people just stop existing, her stomach dropped. Her word just ended most life on a shadow. That was not how things should be happening. Annalee was not someone who worked off of destruction. She was raised to create. This moment is when she realized that her life that she knew before this point was a lie. Her family, the people she trusted the most, lied and betrayed her. They left her out of this master plan of destruction because they knew she would not agree with it. It was the moment she realized she was misplaced in all of reality.

Arc Two “Oncoming Storm”: We Are Young – Fun ft. Janelle Monae
Arc Three “Open Doors”: Mr President – Janelle Monáe
Arc Four “Shadowfall”: I Know Where I’ve Been – Hairspray


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