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Astrid, Chosen of the Serpent

Parentage; Kestrel


Astrid is fair skinned, freckled and compliments her long, blonde locks which change depending on her mood. She has wide eyes like her mother and looks at the world with wonder. Her hair is often tied in a braid that sits down to the back of her knees that is usually graced with a crown of laurels. For the most part she is dressed in a tight corset and is tucked into a pair of leather pants, but in court and in formal affairs she wears her hair down and has a green dress embroidered with gold.

Character Model to be Used: Emilia Clarke


Being the only daughter of Kestrel she was always looked at with intrigue and disdain by her cousins and older family members. She always felt her mothers love and knew that she was cherished by her mother, but as she got older was more aware of the relationship that her family had with her mother. Feeling that all eyes were on her, she sought refuge in the forests of Arden.

In the forests she read and studied about the Pattern and prepared her calculated steps to prepare for that journey. While training for her own test of Pattern she would float back and forth from Arden and City Amber, but after her walk she spent all of her time there only going to Castle or City Amber when called upon. Since she had spent so many years in Arden, she had been able to acquaint herself with the people there and began protecting and serving them; quickly she became their own beloved leader and as Oberon learned of this he granted her Sovereign of Arden. Astrid knew what an honor that was and took her role seriously for she loved the land so. She also didn’t mind when Emeric was appointed the Warden and enjoyed the distant company.

Many years passed and there was little conflict that arose in Arden until the attack of Thorne. Throughout the conflict that Thorne and eventually Renee brought upon Amber began to internally conflict with Astrid’s belief thus, she remained mostly neutral during the battle. However, she did make sure that Arden was dutifully looked after.

In those years that followed her demeanor began to shift and change. Her affections changed and only kept a few close to her while growing ever distant from the rest of her family. There was a time where she had left Arden and only to return saddened just in time for the Feast of the Unicorn.

After the battle between Oberon and Rajani, Astrid fled from Arden. Not because of her choices, but to then start to find her destiny, which she began to feel didn’t coincide with her life here in Amber. While on her journey, she did have a child whom she loves deeply, but still on her quest for knowledge found something more interesting which she spent the last 50 years perfecting. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this Feast.

After a long time Astrid returned to Amber to visit her family for the Feast of the Unicorn. She revealed all that she has learned in that time as well as the addition to her family, her daughter Penelope. It was before she left for Amber that she found that there is a creature that befell reality and was starting to tear it apart. She worked with Graham on finding a solution especially after Corwin came in partially destroyed. The solution found was that it required the ability of all three major powers to help battle the creature; but now there is a bigger issue at hand Virgil trying to kill The Eagle, Unicorn and Serpent.

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