“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire.”


Brigitte is beautiful, delicate, and cultured. The unquestioned master of Trump in Amber, she is often at her painting, and her hands and clothes are often spotted with some sort of paint. Her hair is dark and curly, and her eyes are large, blue and icy clear. She favors greens when she is more formal attire, and is rarely seen without some abundance of jewelry on her person. A darling of the court, her smile can set anyone at ease and her voice can convince even the most hostile of her siblings to act with moderation.

Character Model to be Used: Katie McGrath


Intensely clever and artistic even in her youth, Brigitte took to the power of Trump with natural ease. She created many of the trump decks utilized by the family even to this day, replacing many of Dworkin’s old cards with her own. It is unknown exactly how far she has pushed her mastery of Trump, as much of her artwork is completely mundane. She maintains that using her power at every opportunity is “boorish” and instead enjoys the simple beauty of a well executed painting.

Brigitte has a mixed relationship with many of her brothers and sisters. Her devotion to her art keeps her somewhat secluded from the others, but she maintains pleasant friendships with many of them. She is on particular good terms with Renée and Talwyn, her two favorite sisters, and the three of them are some of the most talented pioneers of their respective powers to be found anywhere in Shadow.

Agent of the Eagle

The truth of the Eagle came to Brigitte long before any other member of the royal family. Her revelation led her down a dark path. She saw the truth behind the lies, and realized that Amber and the rest of reality were hopelessly doomed. In order to make the final blow as swift and painless as possible, she aligned herself with the Eagle’s designs, and worked tirelessly to bring Amber to its knees.

A consummate manipulator and mastermind, Brigitte began to wreak havoc on Amber from within. Only in hindsight can the extent of her destruction truly be appreciated. It was she who relentlessly commented to Renée that Oberon would never abdicate his throne, thus urging her sister, ever so subtly, towards her disastrous rebellion. Brigitte also laid a network of Trumps throughout Amber, facilitating the city’s infiltration by its enemies and covering up the assassination of Dworkin. It was she who first contacted Rajani, informing the queen of the Rajaways as to her daughter’s unfortunate fate.

Amber has perhaps known no more a skillful traitor than Brigitte. Her misguided actions were born of love and cynicism. She believed that there could be no victory against the Eagle, and wanted only for her family not to suffer unnecessarily at its claws.


Theme Song: Dancing Mad


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