“We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight.”


Cain is oily, dark, and grim. His bitterness has seeped through the walls of his personality and colored every aspect of his person. His hair is worn long, and when he can be bothered to brush the greasy mess out of his face, his black eyes stare with unmitigated hatred at the world around him. His skin is fair, a result of his time spent in the dark reaches of Blackmarch. He always wears black, usually in dirty leathers that reek of rot.

Character Model to be Used: Mark Strong


“No matter how much you claim you love somebody, you’ll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close.”

The last child of Lynne of Brecconary, Cain is rumored to have been fathered by someone other than Oberon. His power and skill speak a different story, but rumors are difficult things to quash. His youth was spent receiving venomous glares from all around him, regardless of the truth of his lineage; he represented the infidelity of Lynne that eventually led to her execution, and he thus stood as testament as an insult to the crown of Amber. Becoming more and more withdrawn, he took to dark habits and gloomy locales, eventually leaving Amber to travel out in search of a shadow to call his own. He found it in the form of a grim and gothic shadow called Blackmarch.

Establishing himself as Count of Blackmarch, Cain subjugated the shadow and made everything within his personal playthings. In particular, Blackmarch’s vampires became his favored servants, and he invested much in making them his personal messengers and assassins. His depredations in Blackmarch also led to the birth of his daughter Schala by way of an unknown woman, and his son Iain by way of one of his vampires. Rotten to the core, Cain cared little for either of his children, leaving them in the care of others, and only visiting to play father when he found it convenient to do so.

Items of Power

Shadow Blackmarch: Cain has much invested in his personal shadow, and the grim moonlit marshes and forests of Blackmarch seem to be the only thing that brings a shallow smile to his thin lips. A place of gothic horror, Blackmarch is home to a population of humans that struggle to survive the nightly hunts of vampires and worse monsters. Cain, naturally, finds their plight to be amusing, and happily keeps them “safe” from his servants to win their adoration.

Vampires: Cain’s vampire legion are mighty, easily some of the most fearsome servants that any Amberite has at their beck and call, made all the more imposing by their sheer numbers. Physically and psychicly powerful in equal measure, Cain’s vampires have displayed the ability to wield some limited form of sorcery, move through shadow, and regenerate even the most grievous of wounds.

Grim: This unassuming dagger has a wide blade, but is otherwise almost completely unremarkable. More than one enemy of Cain’s has fallen victim to it, though, as the dagger has a deadly will all of its own, and acts as one of Cain’s deadliest and most subtle assassins.


Theme Song: The Dark and Endless Dalek Night


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