“Destiny is a good thing to accept when it’s going your way. When it isn’t, don’t call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.”


Corwin is almost constantly disheveled, whether it be from bad weather, his most recent battle, or sheer bad luck. His dark hair is messy, his face scruffy, and his brow furrowed in frustration. He makes no effort to “pretty himself up,” and usually wears whatever clothes he can find when the old set gets ruined. The only constant are his leather jacket, his sword, and his guns.

Character Model to be Used: Clive Owen


“Nobody gets justice. They either get good luck or bad luck.”

Corwin is brilliant. He might be as clever as Khan, as skilled as Renee, and as knowledgeable as Keifer, but you’d never know it by the way things work out for him. Somehow, no matter how cunning the plan or how cunning the scheme, things never work out the way he had hoped. Things have a way of going disastrously wrong for him at precisely the time when he doesn’t want them to. That being said, his bad luck is the source of his strength; there is no adversity that he won’t tackle, and despite his many setbacks, Corwin will usually somehow come out on top in the end.

His siblings don’t trust him. On the one hand, this is because they know that anything that he does will backfire one way or another, and on the other, because he openly states that he isn’t trustworthy. The only ones that he seems to have any interest in are himself and his children, whom he will go far out of his way to ensure stay safe. As a result of this, Corwin spends most of his time away from Amber, and has been known to go incommunicado for months at a time. No one seems to mind.

Items of Power

A Beat Up Old Leather Jacket: Corwin’s favorite jacket always seems to survive any scrap he gets himself into. He can be slashed, stabbed, burnt, blown up, smashed, or just get caught in a heavy rain (of acid), and this beat up jacket will always survive. It’s in terrible condidtion, of course, but it’s impossible to tell if it was ever any other way.

Salvation & Damnation: Corwin’s twin semi-automatic pistols. He doesn’t care if they don’t work on every shadow out there; his guns are damn cool in his opinion, and so he keeps them around. And hey, when they do work, there’s not a whole lot out there that can match the stopping power of these guns.

Happenstance: Corwin’s aptly named longsword is never at hand… it always just seems to suddenly be within an arms reach of him when he needs it the most, even if it wasn’t there just a moment ago.


Theme Song: Man With a Harmonica


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