“A quick stroll through an insane asylum shows pretty clearly that faith in a higher power proves nothing.”


Cullen is a mess. He looks tired because he doesn’t sleep until his body makes him stop, he looks messy because he doesn’t do much to take care of himself aside from eat a meal every now and then. His voice is drawn, and he never seems to quite care about anything that he’s talking about. He spends much of his time in various versions of Shadow Earth during the second World War, and his garb tends to reflect whichever side he’s opted to join on that particular shadow.

Character Model to be Used: Marton Csokas


“I still live, and I still think. I still have to have, because I still have a lot of thinking to do.”

Corwin always triumphs over his bad luck. Viola has embraced life as a result of hers. Cullen, unlike his sister and father, has been largely broken by his bad luck. He is nihilistic and depressing to be around when he isn’t engaged in some project that has been set to him by his father to keep him busy. Many members of his family fear for him, afraid that he’ll do something to get himself killed, but Cullen, despite everything, is still determined to live. In his mind, his fatalism is perfectly justified, but he’ll see it through to the end, and let destiny come to get him, if it can.


*Theme Song: Twinkle, Twinkle


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