“All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.”


Dagonet is considered to amongst the most handsome of Oberon’s children. His golden brown hair is long and curly, and his crystal blue eyes show the weight and wisdom of his many years. Lean and muscular, the art of war and combat come naturally to Dagonet, called the Man-at-Arms of Amber. That being said, Dagonet resorts to combat as his last resort. Where peaceful solutions can be found, he prefers to take that choice.

His smile comes easily, and his voice is lyrical, putting many off guard around this elder Amberite. His fury is legendary however; it is not easy to rouse Dagonet to anger, but when it occurs, there are few who would care to stand against him.

Character Model to be Used: Eric Bana


“A great deal of tyranny masks itself behind the name of protection.”

Dagonet was the first truly martial member of the family. In his youth, he took up the sword as part of his training, as had his siblings before him, but he saw more in the sword than the others had. There were threats beyond Amber, threats to his family and to the kingdom that they all shared. He became the masterful swordsman and tactician that he is to ensure that he could keep safe those that he cared the most about.

He assumed his position as king of Avalon and the Captain of the Castle Guard in order to make sure that he would always be in a position to come to the swift aid of any who needed him. Many of the people of the Golden Circle have learned that wherever Dagonet happens to be will be safe from violence; few would draw his ire by engaging in hostilities against the kingdom he holds so dear.

Blood of Amber

Having watched his family tear itself apart during Renée’s rebellion, Dagonet returned to the city in the aftermath of the conflict. He was witness to Oberon’s judgement of his sister, and he stood against it, saying to Elmdor that he could not “stand by and watch you do this to someone else.” Renée eased the infuriated Dagonet aside and accepted the king’s punishment.

Disgusted by these actions, Dagonet got his affairs in order, resigned his position as Captain of the Castle Guard, abdicated the throne of Avalon, and left Amber. He has not been seen since leaving the Golden Circle.

The Open Door

Dagonet’s absence had been noted, and those who have looked into his disappearance fear the worst has happened. When Amber came under assault by the forces of House Raja, it was expected that the Man-At-Arms, long one of the Golden Circle’s fiercest defenders, would arrive to do battle. He did not.

Having learned of his sons departure, and being told that Virgil had been cured of his madness, Dagonet travelled through Shadow to find his son. When he found Virgil, out in deep Shadow, Dagonet made a heartfelt apology for not being the father he should have been. When he embraced his son, he felt the cold bite of steel in his back.

Dagonet’s last words were ones of forgiveness for what Virgil had done… and Cursing whatever thing had truly taken his son away from him.

Items of Power

Linebreaker: When Renée saw Dagonet’s potential, she forged this weapon for him with the power of the Pattern. It does not have the raw destructive power of Doomsong, but it is a weapons much better suited to Dagonet. As a master of any and all weaponry, Dagonet could adapt to any conflict with the right weapon in hand. Linebreaker is the solution to that problem. Usually worn as a sword, Linebreaker can be any weapon, or weapons, that Dagonet needs it to be. There seems to be no end to its functionality and versatility in the hands of its masterful wielder.


Theme Song: Sovngarde Chant


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