“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at the time is a function of power, not truth.”


Dworkin is a wild-eyed, gray-haired madman. His appearance is disheveled on a good day, and he never seems to look quite the same from one day to the next. It might be something as subtle as the wrinkles on his face or the tint of his eyes, but the old shapeshifter is definitely not entirely in control of his own significant power.

He wears ratty clothing for a man who has worked for the king for over two thousand years, and his hands are constantly covered in ink stains from his work in the library. He occasionally dons a pair of old reading spectacles, but it’s safe to assume that his eyesight is likely perfect anyways.

Character Model to be Used: Billy Connoly


It’s widely believed that Dworkin is some thousands of years older than Oberon. His exact age is unknown, but he will, on occasion, speak of events that no one alive in Amber is aware of occurring; or he might just be crazy and making things up that never really happened. Whatever the truth is, what is known is that Dworkin is immensely powerful

He has served as the Court Mage of Amber for as long as any can recall, a position that he has well earned. Dworkin seems quite well versed in a vast array of topics, and he knows a great deal about every power in the universe. Need help with the Pattern? Dworkin knows that. Can’t understand the Logrus? Dworkin does. Can’t paint a Trump, or shapeshift, or use magic? Dworkin can do it all, and with seeming ease. Indeed, the list of things he can’t do is probably the shorter one.

Oncoming Storm

Dworkin did not attend the Feast of the Unicorn, and was found murdered in library not long thereafter. The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown.



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