“Questions are the right of the victor.”


Elmdor looks much older than many of his siblings. His hair is silver gray and long, and his eyes are deep pools of hazel that have clearly seen more than most. Elmdor does not smile, he does not laugh, and he displays anything but casual disdain for all around him. He moves with the confidence of someone who is feared, a confidence that is well deserved, for everyone fears Elmdor on some level.

Character Model to be Used: Mesdoram Elmdor de Limberry


“There are no memories. There is no truth. All that there is and all that you know is precisely what I tell you.”

Elmdor was quiet as a youth, always observing rather than participating. Left to his own devices, the young Amberite seemed to have little desire to achieve anything. Only when coerced would he participate in family functions, and then only reluctantly. When he walked the Pattern for the first time, upon reaching the center he set himself back to the start and walked it again. When asked why he did such a dangerous thing, Elmdor shrugged and said, “I thought you said it was difficult. I had to do it twice just to make sure that it was as easy as I thought it was the first time around.”

From that point on, people realized Elmdor’s greatest talent: the sheer overwhelming power of his psyche. He seized control of Tantegel almost upon a whim, overthrowing its current Marquis with a simple mind-shredding thought. His siblings are now content to leave him alone, only troubling him when in the direst of needs, and always making sure to take several notes before talking with him; one can never tell if a conversation with Elmdor occurred as it is remembered. Even Dworkin has been known to speak highly of Elmdor’s fearsome power.

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Theme Song: Missing Truth


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