“The price of vigilance is freedom.”


Emeric is young and handsome. Talwyn’s second son, he has his mothers dark hair and features. His smile does not come easily, often only revealing itself when he is hunting in Arden. The stalwart Warden of Arden, he favors light riding gear and a rugged lifestyle, which is reflected in his scruff and his somewhat dirty countenance.

Character Model to Be Used: Oded Fehr


Emeric never had the same ambition as his mother or brother. He did not seek more power or sovereignty over any particular shadow. Instead, his adventurous nature kept him out in deep shadow for many of his early years after walking the Pattern. He returned from his travels with a small pack of hounds and set himself up as the Warden of Arden, claiming the position from the absentee Warden, Peregrine.

Since that time, no unwelcome visitors have crossed the borders of Arden without Emeric observing their movements and interceding. His vigilance has made him scornful of any who do not share his opinion of duty, and he only seems to hold Stephen, the admiral, with any kind of respect.

Items of Power

Hell Hounds: the Warden’s fearsome hunting hounds stand five feet tall at the shoulder, and there seems to be no end of the creatures lurking in Arden to come at Emeric’s call. These fearsome hounds are incredibly fast, tough, and intelligent. They could easily chase down a speeding car, and eat it when they caught it.

Bow & Arrows: Emeric’s bow fires dangerous shots, and arrows for the dangerous weapon always seem to be at hand. For particularly slippery foes, however, Emeric has a dozen arrows that he keeps in reserve. These tricky projectiles can bob and weave to avoid obstacles, and even travel through Shadow to strike their quarry.



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