“It’s not hard to be me. But it must be hard being you and wanting to be me.”


Gaius has his fathers blonde hair and fair features. The handsome Amberite is constantly on the “cutting edge” of style, a style that is defined only by what Gaius believes to be cool at the time. The brash Amberite is nothing like his quiet and placid father. He likes to ride/drive about, being loud and boisterous, if only to let people know that he is present. Arrogant in the extreme, Gaius is better than you are, and he knows it.

Character Model to be Used: David Anders


Books and scrolls and dusty old tomes were not for Gaius. He preferred to learn by doing, and Kiefer was wise enough to let him. Gaius spent enough time out in shadow to think himself to be the greatest thing that ever happened to the universe; the fact that he deliberately found shadows where he clearly was the best at everything obviously did not stop him from thinking that all of reality was thus.

He legendary arrogance frustrates many of the other Amberites, who have attempted to take him down a notch. The thing that is shocking is that Gaius somehow outwits or triumphs, unquestionably, over any task or trap that is set before him. Some are even starting to believe that he might actually be just a good as he claims to be.

Items of Power

Beauty: Gaius’s most prized possession. When he found it, it was sports car, but this clever contrivance shapeshifts to be appropriate to whatever shadow it’s on. Regardless of whether or not Beauty is a car, carriage, jet, or horse, it is always astoundingly fast and nigh indestructible.


*Theme Song: I’m Better Than You


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