“Really? What part of ‘Crazed Maniac’ was unclear to you? My patience is thinning.”


A mountain of immovable stature, a gaze of knowing sensibility, and a heart of unwavering loyalty. These are the founding virtues that seem to make up his form. Adorned in a cloak of fine furs he stands firm among the eyes of many. His golden brown hair cascades across his shoulders seeming more of a lion’s mane than a style or crop. Eye’s of a deep oceanic blue stare out in an undying manner, a gaze of such ferocity that his hair, more mane than anything gives way to his almost animal-like qualities.

Garrick is a man of the people, his people. It is not uncommon to see him out among the people of Holmgard, working as a baker, a mason, or a simple sentry. Such serious visages of him seem to melt away when he does these menial tasks, laughing and joking around with even the smallest of people.

Character Model to be Used: Joel Edgerton


“I don’t usually seek revenge, but I never forget. And I make it hard to repair, which is not a great quality because if people held me to that standard, no one would be around me – ever.”

Born one of two sons of Talwyn, Garrick has struggled from the beginning. Expectations piled on left and right, he had no choice to grow and mold himself into what he is today, not just a warrior, but a king. It has been apparent from a young age that Garrick had no love for his brother Emerick.

Loyal to almost a fault, Garrick has never once gone against his mother’s, Talwyn, wishes. Yearning to be just as promising as Emerick, more so, he pushed on, a known and prominent sorcerer. Garrick fought for everything he ever got at a young age, refusing the hand outs of all but his mother, which those if ever, were few and far between. Some viewed him as simply nothing but a fool, being molded into a tool for Talwyn. Those same people had never met Garrick in person, for it was not family that drove him, but the unknown.

What could he achieve? What could he gain, how could he do it? The questions never stopped, he never stopped, never does Emerick seem to rest. In Holmgard, inside his chambers lays a royal bed made for comfort, yet rarely is it ever used, if at all. He asks nothing of others he would not do himself, a sentinel, an symbol of stoic resolution. Garrick is ever watchful, the Lion of Holmgard.

Items of Power

The Seven Graces of Sin: Little is known of these items. No one has ever seen them, few has heard of them. Though as we all know, rumors spread like wild fire. Garrick has been known to sometimes mutter things about them while sitting upon his throne, repeating their names over and over again as if in puzzlement.

The Eye of Indefessius: If the Seven Graces of Sin are known to only a few, then the Eye is known to even less. It is an item of great power, a circuit of importance in Garrick’s mannerisms. No one but Talwyn may know of it’s true purpose, but it is there…Waiting.


Theme Song: Kris Allen – Live Like We’re Dying

Arc 2 Theme Song: Tech N9ne – Dysfunctional

Arc 3 Theme Song: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – Brand New Day

Arc 4 Theme Song: Kamelot – Ghost Opera


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