“What does not destroy me, makes me stronger”


Gerard is a mountain of a man. Standing close to seven feet tall, he towers over the rest of his family with ease. He is broad shouldered and heavily muscled, and his strength is a thing of legend in the Golden circle. He has dark eyes that glitter happily, and a smile that comes easily. Gerard is generally accepted to be one of the most genuine of Amberites; those who would speak ill of him say it’s because he is not clever enough to play the deceptive games of Amber. Everyone else says that he has no need of trickery. If Gerard has an issue with you, he’ll bring it to your face, and if he wants to hurt you, he’ll let his prodigious strength do the talking.

His hair is often short-cropped, and his beard is bushy. He prefers loose garments and other clothes that “let his skin breathe”. He is rarely seen without his fearsome war hammer close at hand, but he only resorts to the deadly weapons use is the most dire of circumstances.

Character Model to be Used: Dwayne Johnson


Gerard has always been two things: big and strong. His might was apparent even in his youth, and he has only grown stronger since then. His devotion to Amber is true; the Golden Circle knows few better defenders than the mighty Strongman of Amber. His loyalty to the protection of the Golden Circle led to his initial appointment as the Admiral of the Navy, a position that he relinquished to his nephew Stephen.

Gerard has since spent his time traveling from one Golden Circle shadow to the next, helping where he can, and simply enjoying life from all appearances. He took a several years hiatus from Amber some decades ago, during which he traveled deep shadow to see what sights he could see. It is likely that during this period of wandering that he fathered Winter. His other son, Doroshea, was born to a princess of Rebma. The two young Amberites could not have asked for a better father; while he didn’t raise Winter, he avoided his bastard son to spare him the trials and tribulations of Amber. Now that they are both living in Amber, he is attentive to their needs, and always happy to help with a smile and a kind word.

Oncoming Storm

Having resumed his duties as Admiral of the Navy after Stephen’s retirement, Gerard has spent most of his time on the sea. He has become oddly distant from the rest of the family as of late, and no one is certain why, though it is suspected that the circumstances surrounding Renée’s punishment did not sit well with his good nature. He can still be called upon if needed, but has otherwise kept largely to himself.

Items of Power

Deadweight: Gerard’s mighty war hammer, forged with power of the Pattern by Renée, is a devastating weapon in any hands, but only Gerard can use it to its full potential. The weapons manipulates itself from shadow to shadow, always making itself as heavy as Gerard is capable of wielding. Considering his strength, their are few in shadow who can even lift the weapon, let alone use it efficiently in combat. It is also rumored that if the hammer impacts too hard, an entire shadow could fall prey to its destructive power.



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