“Hmm there’s a thought.”


Graham is like his mother is well aware of his “gifts”. A perfect example of his lines more “Exotic” tastes. He is large and muscular but well toned. He has dark skin with dark brown hair that has changes from time to time (depending on the mood or situation), to those that have actually seen him before the feast of the unicorn. He has a very open demeanor to those that would speak to him. His clothing style realistically changes depending on however he feels like dressing at the time. Though one thing remains true. Whatever it is it looks impeccable on him.

Character Model to be Used: Jason Momoa


Graham is currently the youngest member of the Royal Family of Amber. Despite his age though has shown shown an incredible aptitude for knowledge and theory. Over his short life has spent considerable time of the library of his “Uncle” Kiefer both performing research and conversing with the Elder Amberite. Like his mother Viola and grandfather Corwin, Graham would rather find something out for himself than take someones word on the subject. Recently he has also been spending more and more time with different members of the royal family. Doubtless trying to learn from them as much as he can. He has also “inherited” his mothers carnal appetites. Having grown up in Brecconary he was taught of such things at a very young age and very much enjoys the company of the fairer sex.

Items of Power

None publicly known yet…

Jason momoa

Arc 3 Theme Song: POWER

Arc 4 Theme Song: Can’t back down


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