“I am sworn to protect the city of Amber, the inhabitants and buildings therein, many of which have historical significance.”


James is a tall slender man with greasy black hair and long bangs that hang uselessly over his dark semi-sunken eyes. He is almost never without his long black trench coat that stays closed regardless of the situation. His right hand is usually covered with flecks of paint as the tip of the brush he keeps in his sleeve sometimes rub against it. When he speaks he does so without the darkness that is his physical appearance, only occasionally speaking of the pointlessness of life or other such nonsense. His artistry though shows another thing entirely, the works he create are lively and full of color.


Character Model to be Used: Toby Maguire in Spiderman 3 during his “Emo” phase


Born to Bridgett, James found it hard not to follow in her footsteps because it was often all he saw, having a secluded mother led to a secluded life. He learned well though and picked up the family trump skill early. During his “teenage” years, wherever Amberites decide such angsty times occur he grew rebellious and forsook color for a brief time, this was when he started wearing his coat. Even after those trying years he continues the terrible facade, to what end no one knows.

The Blood of Amber

During the Invasion of Amber he was torn by the decisions that his mother made and opted to stay as neutral as possible during the battle, claiming that his allegiance was to the city itself. The day after the Invasion training started once again for the city watch. Once they proved themselves to be more capable he started to disappear for stretches of time, doing god knows what.

The Oncoming Storm

Once again dark forces came for the city of Amber and for Castle Amber as well. Once again James took to his duty as Sheriff of Amber to the best of his abilities. And once again his hard work seemed to be for not. After the violence came to an end a new king had been named and Elmdor removed James title. Wary of trying fruitlessly to defend the city James smiled and thanked him. He left Amber shortly after and while he kept steady contact with other members of his family he always seemed distracted. After the first full moon after the completion of the rebuilding of Castle Amber all contact from James stopped.


Theme Song:
Paint it Black (Arcs 1-3)
Hotel California (Arc 4)


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