“Actions speak loudest”

Jubei, the Kensai

Parentage; Morrigan


Jubei is a man with dark hair tied back for convenience. 5’ 6" and muscular. He wears robes and wooden sandals with a wrap underneath. Sometimes can be caught wearing an eye guard.

Character Model to be Used: Sonny Chiba


Jubei has always wandered in and out of the golden circle. Looking for something to challenge him constantly. Seeking his own path out; and through shadows he walked after walking the pattern. Things always seem to fall into place for Jubei; although the places they may fall into might not be the ones he sought out to begin with, he takes them in stride. Ever diligently moving forward.

Items of Power


Appearing as a Katana when at rest, his sword is an integral part of his technique he refers to as “New Shadow Technique.”

Yagyu clan crest

Steel blue and black.

“Cut your own path”

Sonny chiba as jubei yagyu

Theme Arc 1 – Ibuki

Theme Arc 2 – Reflections

Theme Arc 3 – Ambush From 10 Sides

Theme Arc 4 – Kobudo


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