“My heart is so light that it’s amazing. I get to play all this grief, all this loss, all this disaster and chaos. It’s hysterically funny.”


Kestrel is fair skinned, light of hair, and thin of frame. With her wide eyes and thousand-mile stare, coupled with her odd demeanor, she only ever seems to be partially aware of her surroundings at any given time. Despite this, Kestrel moves with an easy grace, always barefoot, and shadow parts before her. Her siblings may despise her for her odd madness, but she may just be the single most powerful of any of them.

Character Model to be Used: Amanda Seyfried


“No one welcomes chaos, but why crave for stability and predictability?”

Up until she walked the Pattern, Kestrel showed great promise. She was cunning, and took to any lesson with ardor and understanding. As a princess of Amber, she was well liked by the people, and she seemed to be the darling of the court. In her heart, though, she longed to be away from the doldrums of Amber. When she walked the Pattern, her last thought upon reaching the end was to be as far from Amber as she could go.

No one so or heard from her for nearly a century and a half after that. Her siblings searched through deep shadow, and had nearly given up hope, when she returned to them as though nothing had happened. They were shocked by her sudden return, and even more so by her strange demeanor. Two things were clear: the Kestrel that had come back to them had seen more than they cared to, and she was frighteningly powerful.

She does not outwardly seem to mind being shunned by her family, and continues to float about Amber and the Golden Circle. Sometimes she journeys out into shadow, usually upon some unknowable whim, and when she is gone, everyone seems to breathe just a little easier.


Theme Song: Come Little Children


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