“If you kill one, you are an assassin. If you kill millions, you are a conqueror. If you kill everything, you are a god.”


Khan is lithe and wiry, a born hunter in appearance and movement. At first blush, his movements appear to be slow, languid. To the more trained eye, however, his every move is deliberate and graceful, and he is always ever so slightly tense, ready to pounce upon a moments notice. While his body movements seem still, his eyes, by contrast, are always on the move. Khan is forever scanning his surroundings, formulating plan after plan; never can it be said that anyone has ever seen Khan surprised, nor unprepared for a fight.

Character Model to be Used: Mads Mikkelson


Khan wins. Of everything that his siblings would say about him, that one simple statement is universally agreed upon. The only point of dispute is the argument that to say, “Khan wins,” implies that there was ever a competition in the first place. More accurate, perhaps, is to say that Khan has already won. Not just with a sword. With anything. Give him any weapon, any group of fighting men, any tactical or strategic situation, anything. Face him with a sword and he’ll attack until you are beaten, giving no quarter, no edge, and never, ever making a single error. Take an army against him, and he’ll appear on your weakest front, at your weakest moment, attacking relentlessly, until your soldiers scream and run, and are broken for all time. Don’t bother betting on whether or not Khan will win or lose; the only interesting question, the only safe bet, is how fast.

Even in his youth, Khan was a talented shapeshifter and an even more talented hunter. The primacy of nature was more a home to him than the high walls of Amber. Once he had walked the Pattern, Khan spent the majority of his time in his mothers Shadow, the Wildlands. It was he who initiated the deadly game that he played with his other siblings there, and he who is always winning.

Ever distant, Khan cared little for the travails of Amber, and would often fail to attend family gatherings, requiring the coercion of his sister, Peregrine, who seemed to be the only one able to convince him of anything. There stands one unique exception to this, when his eldest sister Renée came to him with the offer of an experiment she wished to perform alongside him with the power of the Pattern. The result was a terrifying leap in the Hunter’s lethality, making his every form strike with the burning rage of creation itself.

Rise and Fall

When Oberon fell in the brutal stalemate with Rajani, only two contended for the throne: Khan and Elmdor. The altercation was brief, and with a surprising conclusion. After a short conversation, Khan surrendered the contest to Elmdor, instead returning to the Wildlands and declaring himself a king independent of Amber. As a part of this act, Khan took Peregrine as his wife, making public their often rumored romance.

His reign as King of Wildlands was not to last long, however. The kidnapping of his daughter Samira pushed the already unstable Khan over the edge, prompting him to return to Amber to confront Elmdor. There, in a brief and bloody fight before the throne, both Khan and Peregrine were slain, bringing an end to the reign of the Wildlands, and proving for the first and last time that Khan could actually be defeated.

Items of Power

Forged Form: With Renée’s aid, Khan’s form was forged in the power of the Pattern, his claws, bones, fangs, or whatever natural weapon the versatile shapeshifter had at hand becoming more destructive than ever before. While the lethality of these strikes never matched the raw power of Doomsong, Khan nevertheless pushed the boundary on sheer lethal power.


Theme Song: Ceadeus


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