“Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.”


Kiefer rarely shows himself before anyone. Those who have met this elusive and knowledgeable Amberite have seen a man with sandy hair, a coarse beard, and piercing dark blue eyes. His brow is constantly furrowed with thought, and it seems there is no topic that he is not well versed in, if not perhaps practiced in. He carries himself slowly and deliberately, taking his time with a slow methodology that has been known to border on the excessive. Anyone seeking his wisdom, however, with have to learn to tolerate his pace, however, as he brooks no insult to himself; a scholar he may be, but his cold fury is something of a legend.

Character Model to be Used: Ulrich Thomsen


The second of Oberon’s children, Kiefer accepted from an early age that the throne would never be his. Instead, he prepared himself to serve the crown in a more advisory role. When his sister took the throne (an eventuality that he ahs long since given up on) he would happily serve as her court mage, much as Dworkin does for Oberon. When it became obvious that the king would likely never leave his throne, Kiefer withdrew more and more from Amber, seeking knowledge out in deeper and deeper shadow. He walked from Amber to Chaos and back, and has learned everything that he could learn in between.

Kiefer has settled into a private shadow outside of the Golden Circle called Athenaeum, where he spends his time penning records of his travels and storing the vast repertoire of knowledge at his disposal. His son Gaius will visit on occasion, but much to Kiefer’s disappointment, his son is far more interested in adventure than study. So Kiefer sits alone in his shadow, reading, writing, recording, and waiting to be called upon by the crown and his family when his vast library is needed.

Items of Power

Shadow Athenaeum: the infinite library, Athenaeum is an amalgamation of every possible repository of knowledge. Stories high stacks of books abut computer terminals and murals, and great tile calendars stand adjacent to scrying pools and other esoteric storage spaces. Cul-de-sacs and corridors intermingle, and glass domes and balconies overlooking musty gardens make it difficult to tell whether or not one in indoors or outdoors. The entire shadow is quiet, shady, and elysian in nature, and Kiefer is its librarian, lord sovereign, and caretaker.


Theme Song: City of Flickering Destruction


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