“An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it.”


Like Razgriz, Krebsartig has no true physical form while in conventional reality – he simply cannot exist in a creation that he is not a part of. Unlike Razgriz, however, Krebsartig is not inherently inimical to the reality around him. Instead, he insinuates himself into space where he does not belong, an existential virus. He appears by whatever form is the most efficient and effective to do what he must. He might appear as a mind shredding horror, terrible and inconceivable to behold, or he may appear as a man in a plain white suit, quiet, calm, and calculating.


“It’s remarkable how weak they are. They have an innate fear of the dark. And how do they handle this fear? They simply pretend that it doesn’t exist. They run away from it. How could anyone say humans aren’t weak? It’s an inherent trait. How about we take advantage of their weakness? They certainly do make a good natural resource. Right? It’s all they’re good for.”

A terrible and unknowable entity, like all of his kind, Krebsartig embodies the concept of growth without limitation; of evolution without sensible boundaries. Razgriz destroyed, but Krebsartig consumes and becomes. Whatever plan he has for reality, now that he has manifested within, is unknown, but his presence is a sinister and deadly one. Reality may be infinite in size, but Krebsartig does not conceive of such limited concepts as “infinity”; all of reality truly could be consumed by his boundless growth if he is not kept in proper check.

Krebsartig, Growth WIthout Limit photo Whitesuit_zps0fbdbf8e.jpg

Theme Song: Cohen’s Scherzo No.7


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