“Information is power.”


Lucky is an unassuming man. Not standing particularly tall, and not seeming especially robust, his most defining features are his fiery red hair and striking green eyes. He is always smiling, a small confident smirk that clearly indicates that he knows more than everyone around him. He is always dressed impeccably, but never inappropriately for the Shadow that he is on.

Character Model to be Used: Seth Green


It is almost certain that ‘Lucky’ is not his real name, but little is known about this mysterious man. He seems to slide through Shadow with little to no effort, leaving no trace of his coming or going. When someone is seeking something in Shadow, Lucky will sometimes appear before them and offer them the location of what they seek in exchange for a favor, often quite an innocuous one. He seems to know who is seeking what and where anything can be found, no matter how well hidden it may be in Shadow.

Having encountered this strange information broker on more than one occasion, the royal family of Amber knows well that his information is good, and the prices he asks often seem small compared to the value of the information he gives. His small, knowing smile never falters the whole time.


Theme Song: The Pantheon


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