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The Partial Powers System

In the Mirrors and Reflections game, we utilize a tiered approach to the Partial Powers system commonly used in many Amber Diceless games. This is both to keep the ambiguity of the original system, as well as the flexibility of the Partial Powers system. To my players, you can thank Sndwrks for this innovative and clever approach to the powers of Amber.

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Dramatis Personae

  • Stephen, Son of Renee, Lord Protector of House Raja
  • Virgil, Son of Dagonet
  • Jubei, Son of Morrigan
  • Garrick, Son of Talwyn, King of Holmgard
  • James, Son of Brigitte
  • Annalee, Daughter of Alexia
  • Schala, Daughter of Cain, the Broken
  • Astrid, Daughter of Kestrel
  • Winter, Son of Gerard
  • Terridus, Son of Elmdor, Praetor of Tenebrae, Crown Prince of Amber
  • Lises, Son of Elmdor
  • Serpentis, Son of Peregrine
  • Graham, Son of Viola, Prince of Brecconary, Prodigy of Pattern
  • Relda, Daughter of Cain

The Royal Family of Amber

  • Gaius, Son of Keifer, the Greatest
  • Cullen, Son of Corwin
  • Viola, Daughter of Corwin, Queen of Brecconary
  • Emeric, Son of Talwyn
  • Iain, Son of Cain, Fighting Destiny
  • Doroshea, Son of Gerard, the Sword God
  • Samira, Princess of the Wildlands
  • Lilu, the Gentle Way

Of the Courts of Chaos

Other Characters of Import

The Shadows of the Golden Circle

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