“Children wish that fathers looked with their eyes; fathers wish that children looked with judgement.”


Morrigan is dark and beautiful. Her skin is flawless, her features sharp, and her dark eyes always seem to stare beyond whatever it is she is seeing. Largely ignored in her youth, she has developed in a woman with tastes and traits very much unlike that of her brothers and sisters. Were she not taken care of by her older brothers, it is likely that Morrigan would not have become the cultured princess that she is today.

Her voice is creamy, her attitude calm. Morrigan never angers, never betrays a shred of emotion that she does want to show. Her position has always been a precarious one, and she knows how to manipulate and cheat to ensure that everything works out in her favor regardless of who is plotting against her.

Character Model to be Used: Morena Baccarin


Morrigan is the last child of Maeve, Oberon’s second wife, and most beloved. Maeve died in childbirth, and her death has always hung as a heavy cloud over Morrigan. Oberon bears little love for the daughter who took his wife away from him. It does not help the situation that Morrigan has grown to look very much like her late mother.

Largely shunned and ignored during her formative years, Morrigan has almost no one to turn to in order to keep safe and learn the ways of Amber. She was raised almost entirely by her older brothers Dagonet and Corwin. She learned to fight from Dagonet, learned magic from Corwin, and learned to take what she wanted and offer no apologies all on her own. She walked the Pattern with only what preparation she could glean from Dworkin, and did so with no supervision. When she reached the end, she found herself in Tir Na Nog’th, witnessing a sliver of the past; her mother, Maeve, giving birth, and little baby Morrigan dying in the process.

It was her hearts deepest desire, though she had never admitted to herself or ever given such a thing any thought. The vision steeled her resolve. She banished it with a wave of her hand and vowed never to live for anyone but herself, a policy that she has kept to for centuries now. The only exception to this rule seems to be her son, Jubei, though it is not clear, even to those closest to her, how she actually regards her child.

Items of Power

Threnody: Morrigan’s brooch serves as her spellrack, and also greatly enhances the potency of her spells. Given Morrigan’s extremely subtle magical style, however, it is difficult to tell exactly how this blue bauble enhances her magic.

Requiem: A particularly thin-bladed rapier, this razor-sharp sword serves Morrigan when she chooses to arm herself for close combat. The weapon constantly emits a nearly inaudible whisper, which grows louder when Morrigan uses it in combat; Then the weapon sings an unearthly song of lamentation for the dead.


Them Song: Lacrimosa


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