“So, you have enemies? Good. That means that you’ve done something worth noticing.”


Oberon’s presence in a room cannot be ignored. He is not of exceptional looks; his hair is graying, and he is starting to show signs of his prodigious age, but there is more to him than that. He bears the authority of king, and wears his power like a cloak. It is reflected in the sharpness of his gaze, the clear sternness of his voice, and quiet confidence that acccompanies every move he makes.

He wears the regalia of his office, the sword and crown of Amber, at any public appearance, and is always immaculately dressed. He has been king for a long time, and it is reflected in his garb. The ostentatious finery of young nobility is not for him; he wears clothes that are simple, efficient, and reflect the power of his station in far more subtle ways.

Character Model to be Used: Liam Neeson


Little is known about Oberon before he assumed the mantle of King of Amber. He is older than his kingdom, certainly, but from whence he came is a mystery. There are few people living in Amber now who were present at it’s inception, and they are tight-lipped on the subject. What is known is that once he founded his kingdom, he consolidated his power, bringing several shadows together into the Golden Circle Kingdoms, all unified under the banner of Amber.

He has had several wives over his many years as king, and many more children by them. Each of his children bear his blood, and are mighty forces in the universe, a heritage that they inherited from Oberon. His grandchildren, though young, also have the potential to become exceptionally powerful. His opinions of any of his bloodline are unknowable. He seems cold and distant, more a sovereign than a father or grandfather, but he does, once in a while, offer brief glimpses of affection for his family.

Oberon has been king of Amber since it was founded by him thousands of years ago, and he is not by any means an old man. He has made no plans for another to ascend to his throne, and there is no end of his reign in sight.

The Open Door

After his vicious conflict with Queen Rajani, Oberon was briefly presumed to be dead. While those who had Trumps of the missing king did note that they had ceased to function, they have become cold once more. This is both unheard of, and more than a little eerie. While no one has been able to find or contact Oberon, few believe that the wily old king of Amber is truly gone forever.

Afterall, no one has ever truly overcome him in the past. Why should his current situation be any different? Wherever he may be, his children and grandchildren are keeping a wary weather eye out for the One True King.


Theme Song: Viva La Vida


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