“Love wears many faces.”


Peregrine is beautiful in her own feral way. She is small and slim, with golden falcon’s eyes that look out on the world with fierce passion. Her brown hair is long and often tangled and matted, and she rarely can be bothered to get the days grime off of herself. When in her Amberite form, she wears what is convenient, favoring leathers and feathers to adorn herself. Once constant factor is her woad, which covers her body in elegant tracery no matter what form she is in. When shapeshifting, her avatar form is unlike that of any other; where her brothers have assumed animal forms that are gigantic and fearsome, her falcon form is completely mundane in size and appearance.

Peregrine has a deeply primal energy about her. She is a creature of passion and emotion. Her fierce demeanor is carefully crafted to hide her loving nature, but try as she may, it is impossible for her to totally mask that part of herself.

Character Model to be Used: Kiera Knightley


“Face the facts of being what you are. Then you can be anything you want to be.”

The youngest child of Oberon, Peregrine is barely over eight hundred years old, making her only a few centuries older than some of her nephews. Like her brothers, she is a master shapeshifter, and dwells with them in their shared shadow, The Wildlands. She has dwelt their for the better part of her life, though she is not nearly as segregated from Amber as her brothers. She leaves on semi-regular occasions when the needs of Amber call to her, when she wishes to spend time with her sisters, or simply to get away from the conflicts of the Wildlands. Her longest stint by far was a period of time during which she had her son, Serpentis, out in deep shadow.

The youngest of her generation, Peregrine is somewhat doted upon by her older siblings (the ones who care for such things), though it is well acknowledged that she is quite capable of taking care of herself. She is close in particular with Talwyn, who has taught her a thing or two about sorcery, and with Kestrel, whom she, by chance, shares a similar name with.

Items of Power

Woad: the blue dyes that Peregrine wears are not just for show. The malleable form of her body paint allows it to shift shapes with her, and provides powerful protection to the parts of her that it covers. On the rare occasions that she has call to utilize her sorcery, the woad also doubles as her personal spell rack.



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