“When playing the game of thrones, you either win or you die”


Rajani is elegant and beautiful. Her dark hair and sharp features make her seem harsher than she truly is. Raised as royalty in the Courts, Rajani carries herself with a queenly demeanor, never raising her voice, even when angry, and her calm facade never faltering. Always dressed impeccably, she conducts herself with a presence that commands the attention of all around her.

She wears her old wedding band on a bracelet, a shimmering thing from some unknown ore from deep shadow. It is the only evidence that this Queen of the Courts was ever once the Queen of Amber. She now wears a simple iron crown as a mark of her station, and rarely troubles herself with the affairs of his former husbands kingdom.

Character Model to be Used: Claudia Black


“Doom and deliverance can be given with the same hand, scorn and compassion with the same lips.”

Rajani is not simply older than any Amberite; she is older than the kingdom of Amber itself. She was Oberon’s first wife, and the first queen of Amber. Before that, she was a battle-maiden of the Courts, called the Stormfury by her foes, a title that seemed at odds with her obvious calm and grace. That being said, she is most certainly a fearsome warrior. When Oberon asked for her hand in marriage, she asked for a duel.

No one had ever ever seen Oberon fought to a standstill before that day. They were wedded not long thereafter.

She ruled Amber alongside her husband for some centuries, but their relationship eventually grew bitter. She took her leave of Amber and returned to her home in the Courts of Chaos, but remained in contact with her daughter Renée, eventually giving her advice and support when she decided to rise up against Oberon.

Oncoming Storm

Word has reached the Queen of the Rajaways that her daughter’s rebellion has failed. More importantly, she has learned of Renée’s unfortunate fate at the hands of Elmdor, and is not pleased with the judgement of the King of Amber.

Amberites wandering through deep shadow have been encountering many knights of Chaos as of late, and all bear the seal of the Rajaways. It would seem that the Stormfury has been roused, and her wrath is legendary. She fought Oberon to a standstill once, and that was in single combat. There’s no telling what she could do with the power of her Courts at her back.


Theme Song: Crashing Down


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