“Cum historia, mutat valde Razgriz.”


Razgriz appears to the eye as the essence of nothingness. He is void space, not only lacking matter in any conventional sense, but he is a gap in reality itself. The eyes do not want to behold his form; the lack of reality is offensive to the senses in every possible way. This nebulousness makes the actual shape and size of this entity difficult to discern. However many limbs he may possess, however tall or broad the vicious entity may be, is utterly unknowable.

Razgriz does, at the very least, have a voice that can be discerned by those who dwell within conventional reality. It is a grinding bastardization of sound, but it can be recognized at words to those who can stand to be in Razgriz’s presence for any amount of time.


“Revelat ipsum, primum daemon scelestus est.”

The origins of Razgriz cannot be known. Several theories have been postulated as to what he is or where he comes from, but in the end, all of these things are still just theories at best. What is known is that Razgriz is inherently inimical to reality itself; his very presence causes Shadowstuff to collapse away into nothingness, leaving behind a storm of wounded reality as he shifts from place to place.


Theme Song: The Unsung War


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