“I cannot remember a moment in my life when I have not felt the love of my family. We were a family that would have killed for each other – and we still are.”


Renée is stern and beautiful, the very image of the woman who stands to inherit the throne of Amber. Her hair is golden, it’s long locks trailing down her back, and her eyes are dark pools that seem to stare into the soul. She is rarely seen to be smiling, but when she does it is warm and genuine; she is a woman who deeply cares for those that she has chosen to champion.

Character Model to be Used: Lena Headey


“Her heart underneath,
Cries quietly,
This part of me,
I choose not to see.”

The first child of Rajani and the eldest of Oberon’s children, Renée has lived and long life in and around Amber. A brilliant prodigy, she took to the Pattern with shocking ease, setting a precedent that no other that could after her could follow. While Oberon could will objects of power from the Pattern at will, it was Renée who discovered the secret of Pattern Forging. While Dworkin could scry and teleport with ease, it was Renée who unlocked the power of the Lens, and how to travel through it with the power of the Pattern.

When she became an older sister, Renée tutored her younger siblings in the Pattern, but lorded her power over them with haughty confidence. The crown she wore on her head was that of the Crowned Princess, the firstborn, who would inherit the throne… except that Oberon showed no signs of abdicating his throne. Her bitterness towards her father burned within her heart for centuries. She cared for her siblings, but she cared for herself above all others.

Until she had a son.

Her first and only child dramatically altered her views, and her priorities became oriented towards her family. As her brothers and sisters had children of their own, she realized that her goals had been childish. She would not take the throne from Oberon for herself. She would take it for her son, and for her family, that they would never have to suffer under to cold and calculating rule of Oberon.


“Storm clouds are creeping closer,
Danger is drawing near,
Why am I not protecting all that,
I once held dear?”

Renée knew that if she were to march against Oberon, she could not openly do so until Amber was thoroughly in disarray. She would need someone to lead her armies, to be the ultimate warrior, who could rival any Amberite in single combat. She found her warlord in Deep Shadow, in the form of a man named Thorne.

She taught him and hardened his heart against Amber, and provided him with the information and tools he would need to challenge the One True Kingdom. With her new champion, Renee plotted her rebellion against Oberon for over a century before setting things in motion. Once the drums of war began to beat, there would be no turning back. She committed herself to her cause, knowing full well that she might be marching to her death against her father.

Oncoming Storm

Oberon’s judgement upon his rebellious daughter was harsh. Where some called for her death and others her imprisonment, Oberon called upon Elmdor and simply said, “render this woman a threat no longer.” Despite protestations from many, Renée accepted the judgement; she knew that she had lost, and wanted no further bloodshed over a failed cause. Elmdor was thorough in his scouring of her mind.

Now all she does is stare vacantly. She sleeps when her body tells her to and eats when she is fed. After over two long millennia of life, she is now little more than a helpless invalid, only still alive by the good graces of those who take care of her.

The Open Door

“Fear not this night, you will not go astray,
Though shadows fall, still the stars find their way.”

In the years that she spent quietly comatose, more than one attempt was made on Renée’s life. Through the stalwart vigilance and cooperation of several younger Amberites however, Renée lives on. Her life was threatened for honor, for glory, and for the fear that she promised naught but bloody conflict. Despite it all, she pulled through, at long restored restored in mind and Power.

As staunch a defender of Amber as ever, Renée has heard testimony on the Eagle, and been apprised of many plans. She is quick to recover, and has set down the foundations of plans, but between pressure to rule a kingdom that she never truly desired and the sudden appearance of a cosmic existential threat, Renée has much yet to prepare for. She believes herself able to the task at hand.

Items of Power

Doomsong: Renée’s greatest success in Pattern-Forged weaponry, Doomsong is a weapon rightly feared throughout the Golden Circle. A long whip that glows faintly with the blue light of Pattern, the weapon is so fearsome that a single scratch has been known to cause skin to disintegrate and blood to ignite into primal fire. Even Shadow itself is damaged by the weapon when she wields it combat, leaving trails of wounded shadowstuff that is deadly to the touch.

Doomsong was destroyed when it came into cataclysmic contact with the destructive power of the Logrus, a power ironically wielded by Renée’s mother, Rajani. The lethal weapon was hefted inexpertly by those unprepared for its raw destructive power, costing Schala her hand and forearm by simply making contact with the whip.

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Theme Song, the Blood of Amber: Rose of May

Theme Song, the Open Door: Fear Not this Night


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