Seneschal Bran

“How might I be of service, Your Highness?”


Seemingly in a state of temperance, Bran is a man of immaculate composure. Standing ever at the ready, Bran wears simple, but elegant attire befitting a man of his not inconsiderable station. He is Seneschal to the King and Castellan of Castle Amber, balancing more schedules from day to day than some people will have to plan in a lifetime. Bran does not appear to be a particularly aged man. His sandy red hair has a few streaks of grey in it, although some would theorize that this is a result of stress; he never shows it, but surely the Seneschals duties must weigh heavily upon him.

He is always kind to the members of the royal family whom he serves. Bran is always available to Oberon and his bloodline, and rarely shows more emotion than he has to. For those who have come to Bran in confidence, he is a perfect keeper of secrets and a surprisingly sagacious speaker of useful and heartfelt advice.


Bran came into Oberon’s service not long after he began his dalliances with Lynne of Brecconary. It is unknown what Shadow he hails from, or how he came to be the Seneschal of the King. He simply seemed to arrive one day and fall into place as though he had always been in charge of the day to day maintenance of the castle. Since then, he has served the crown loyally and efficiently. He has also served to deliver the children of the royal family into the world; for many Amberites, the first hands that held them were Bran’s, even if he did pass them into the hands of the mothers and fathers not long thereafter.

For anyone who needs help or advice, there seems to be no better constant than the Seneschal. He seems to know everything that he needs to get his job done, and takes no offense when he is snubbed or treated poorly by the members of the royal family. He takes every aspect of his job with the same unfailing courtesy and understanding as ever.

Seneschal Bran

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