“Whoever pulled this off had to be highly skilled, like me.”


Serpentis has wildly flowing brown hair and sharp yellow eyes. His demeanor is that of someone who is ready for action and knows exactly what he’s doing, even when he doesn’t. He wears leathers and furs that he tailors himself from his recent kills.

Serpentis has an avatar form. His avatar form is a dragon. He is not one of those unnecessarily large and slow dragons many shadows have legends of. His size is basically the same as his human form and he is definitely more agile. He likes to keep the color of his scales camouflaged with his environment.

Character Models Used:

-Stalker from Ragnarok Online
-Blue Dragon from Dreamkeepers

Colors and Symbol

Serpentis’ colors are black and fire. His symbol is a black dragon with fire in the background. Everywhere his symbol is seen, the fire is moving like a real fire would.

Fire symbol


Serpentis is the only child of Peregrine and is the youngest of all the Amberites. He has grown up and lived in the Wildlands his whole life, only leaving for the feast of the unicorn or Oberon’s call until he walked the pattern a few years ago. He was taught the secrets of shapeshifting and hunting from his mother and took to both quickly and easily. Since he learned to hunt by hunting the beasts of the wildlands, Serpentis tends to stalk his prey while remaining hidden for a long time until he knows everything about it, waiting to strike until he knows exactly what the prey will do and how it will do it.

Items of Power

Shades of Shadow: No one has seen them. It’s doubtfull anyone has even heard of them. Serpentis is the only one who knows what they are and what they can do.



The Blood of Amber Theme song Hunter’s Chance
Oncoming Storm Theme song We Are Young
The Open Door Theme song Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Shadow Fall Theme song Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni


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