Supplementary Powers

Unlike the powers earlier, these powers are not stand alone abilities. They, instead, enhance other powers by granting a bit of side-options for someone possessing a certain amount of a power. Each have a point cost associated with them, as well as prerequisite powers.

  • Power Words (10 points)

Requires: Sorcery

This gives you access to five words of Power. These words are detailed under Power Words in the Amber Diceless sourcebook. This power may be taken multiple times. Each time, you learn five more words of Power.

  • Familiar (5 points)

Requires: Master Shapeshifting

You infuse a creature of Power with your blood, granting it access to some of your own Powers. This enhances an existing creature of Power, either bought through points or created through shapeshifting, and grants it access to the first Tier of any Power you possess. It does not gain your levels of Attributes, however, so if it does not possess the requisite Attribute for the Power, using it will cause it to be destroyed.

  • Mental Trump Deck (10 points)

Requires: Trump Master

You have memorized every detail of certain trumps you have created, thusly enabling you to access them without even the card in from of you. When you take this Power, choose five Trumps you have drawn. You can activate them even without the card in hand, merely by closing your eyes and focusing. You may take this Power multiple times, each time adding five more cards to your mental Trump deck.

  • Personal Spell Rack (10 points)

Requires: Pattern Adept or Logrus Adept, Sorcery

You focus your mind, and call up the Sign of either the Pattern or Logrus, depending on what you are able to summon. Then, you extend your consciousness into the Sign, and begin weaving a spell. By doubling the time spent casting the spell, you can choose to hang the spell upon your internal Sign rather than on a spellrack. You may have up to five spells hung like this at any time. Additionally, spells hung upon the Sign of the Pattern never degrade, while spells hung upon the Sign of the Logrus can have their lynchpins set in an instant. This ability may be taken twice, once for the Sign of the Pattern, and once for the Sign of the Logrus. One must have Pattern Adept to take the Pattern version, and Logrus Adept to take the Logrus version. In order to access the spell once it has been hung, however, you must summon the appropriate Sign before casting.

Supplementary Powers

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