“Father of Machines! Your filigree gaze carves us, and the scars dance upon our grateful flesh.”

Tenebrae is the most technologically advanced shadow in the golden Circle and also the most inhospitable. The shadow is a strange place and has a sorted history. The only shadow in the golden Circle that did not have an Amberite resident until Terridus was appointed lord of the shadow.

The few citizens of the shadow were adventurous folk from Dormaguez, that settled the lands in an effort to mine the resources of the shadow. Tenebrae his known through out the golden circle for it’s vast mineral deposits. A port was established for the transport of minerals off the shadow as the shadow’s small population was unable to use the resources themselves.

The conditions on the shadow do not allow for life to proposer. There is no oxygen on the shadow and the citizens using breathing devices to dwell in the shadow. Fresh water is rare but properly managed. The ocean of the plane is made of oil but still can be navigated by boat.

When Terridus was appointed lord of the shadow he brought with him his knowledge of advanced technology that he had picked up walking shadow. Under his leadership the citizens of Tenebrae expanded their population and started up the manufacturing of items to be traded with the rest of the golden circle.

In the decades after his appointed, the shadow proposed some what and the title of Praetor was affectionately granted to Terridus by his people. After a while however, Terridus grew distant and cold to his people and focused more on his interests with his power over the undead. His experiments with a mixture of biology, magic and machine had bred a strange new form of monster.

The mortuus praesidio are his personal guard detail that he has engineered for his protection. Many of the citizens of the shadow are uneasy around them but no one would bring it up to Terridus.

The Shadow boasts very odd geography, the mountain ranges are the most filled with minerals in all the golden circle, having deposits of all kinds, including some that do not exist on other shadows. A volcanic range on the coast allows Terridus to changed the land mass as he sees fit. The only fresh water comes from a source on the shadow’s highest peak and is brought to the rest of the shadow. There are two deserts, one that is the only land route to Dromegez and the only place in shadow with air to breath and the other is a strange desert with black sand that can boast some of the most extreme temps in all the golden circle. In the black sand desert is a prison where the most dangerous criminals of the golden circle are held and rumor has that Terridus borrows some of the prisoners for experiments.

Theme Song: Magitek Factory


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