“There are some things that were never meant to be seen by the living, and once seen will make you wish you were dead.”

“Well, if he’s your friend, and he can hear you now, he’ll come and find you.”
-Terridus to Stephen, Arc 2.

“Of course I don’t want to help you, but I will anyways. I’m your brother, and that’s what brothers do.”
-Terridus to Lises Arc 3.


Before Terridus walked the Pattern he looked very much like his brother; well built with blond hair and blue eyes. After his walk, however, he adopted a porcelain mask and no longer shows his face to anyone. He is only ever seen to wear a black cloak and rarely walks, usually floating off the ground a few inches to move. Like most Amberites, Terridus carries a sword on him.

Half way through arc 3 Terridus removed his mask before walking the pattern to cleanse himself of the eagle’s influence. For the rest of arc he was seen without his mask for the first time in over 150 years. He has since started to carry the mask around with him rather than wear it as few people in the golden circle can recognize him without it.

Character Model to be Used: Edward Norton


Terridus is the second son of Elmdor, and the younger brother Lises. Though Terridus is only one year younger than his brother, the two differ drastically and are often referred to as day and night by those that have known them for a long time. When they were younger, Lises and Terridus were close and both showed great promise in the Pattern. Both were encouraged by Elmdor to walk the Pattern as soon as they were able to. Lises and Terridus both went for their first walk at the same time. Many speculated that Terridus was not ready for the walk but did so in an effort to get out from under his older brother’s shadow. When Terridus returned from his first walk he was a much different person, seemingly left hollow from the experience. He spent some time in Amber and soon became regarded by the court as organized, determined, and fiercely loyal member of the court. Oberon saw it fit to grant him a domain within the golden circle, Tenebrae.

Tenebrae was a shadow that no other Amberite wanted and thus was without leadership for some time. Terridus accepted the position and has ruled the shadow under the title Praetor for many years now. Terridus has sculpted much of the shadow to his own liking, as it was very inhospitable even before he was appointed the shadow. Terridus very rarely leaves Tenebrae, only traveling to Amber and only when summoned by Oberon.

It’s clear to the rest of his family that he can walk the Pattern and is able to cast magic. Much of the ‘life forms’ of his shadow are actually mechanized zombies in various advancements of technology. Out of all the shadows of the golden circle, Tenebrae has the most advanced technology most of which has been brought there by Terridus himself. He spends most of his time studying his strange mixtures of technology and biology.

The Blood of Amber

Tenebrae was one of the hardest hit shadows in the Golden Circle by the rebellion. When Renee’s forces attacked Tenebrae, Terridus was forced to retreat. After being rescued by Jubei, Terridus was tasked by Oberon to find Corwin and his family. Terridus set out into shadow to look for Corwin and his family with Gaius and Doroshea, but soon opted to go it alone. Terridus found Cullen early on but had a harder time finding Viola. When he did find her, she had been taken captive by Thorne. Viola and Terridus fought Thorne but were forced to flee. Terridus still sought Corwin and found him in time. Terridus returned Corwin to Amber to sure up the defenses of the city just as the invasion was coming to ahead.

When Terridus returned to the city of Amber he saw Garrick having been felled by Renee and took him back to the castle to recover. When Terridus returned to the market place he found Renee having felled James and moving her forces into the city. Terridus fell back and gathered what forces he could. He found Corwin and his family and moved to stand against Renee. Terridus never faltered while standing against Renee. Where others changed sides or opted out of the coming battle, Terridus stood with Oberon even after his father demanded he remain neutral. When the battle started, Terridus flew into combat and scanned the army. He was infuriated by the sight of Garrick, who had returned to the battle to support the very person who had not an hour ago struck him down.

Terridus and Garrick fought a long sorcery battle and it ended in a draw right around the end of the conflict. During the battle, Terridus was gravely wounded and after the conflict was over he returned to his shadow to find it occupied by the forces of Dormaguez. Terridus hid himself in his haven to slowly recover from his wounds. Terridus has not left his shadow for sometime, rumors fly that he is still wounded from his battle with Garrick even after such a long time.

Oncoming Storm

After the rebellion, Terridus confined himself to the Shadow of Tenebrae and recovered from his battle with Garrick. During his recovery, it dawned on him that the Kingdom needed Renee returned. When Elmdor was named Crown Prince of the Amber, Terridus knew he had to act. He knew then his father was not fit to rule if something were to happen to Oberon. In the years after the rebellion Terridus threw himself into his work, his work on a machine the likes of which have never been seen before. The Kaleidoscope of Souls became his life’s greatest work. Built with a perfect mixture of sorcery, pattern and technology on an island off the coast of Tenebrae. It took Terridus decades to complete but when it was done it allowed Terridus to delve deeper into the mind than ever before. With this machine he would be able to fix the damage done to Renee by his father. But first he would need to find her.

Terridus approached Steven with the plan to help his mother and Steven agreed to allow him the chance if he would first test the machine on Virgil. Terridus agreed, knowing that Virgil had been dealt a similar punishment as Renee by Elmdor. Terridus knew that if he could repair Virgil, he would be able to fix Renee. Terridus enlisted the help of his brother and Schala as they were powerful in the ways of the mind and would be needed to power the machine and then got Virgil to come to the machine. Working in the Kaleidoscope the four Amberites learned many things and in time fixed Virgil only to find out that he had been subverted by powers that none of them could fully understand. Horrified by the part he had played in the Eagle’s schemes Terridus continued on with his original plan to save Renee only to find himself in someone else’s scheme.

Steven had betrayed him, giving him a fake Renee that was trapped with a daemon. While inside the mind of the fake Renee, Lises and Terridus escaped in time with the help of Iain and managed to arrive at the castle just as Oberon was battling Rajani. Terridus and Lises tried to talk the two down but to no effect. In the battle that followed Lises and Schala were injured while Terridus and James fought Oberon and Rajani. In the end the castle was destroyed but an even more terrible fate was about to befall the kingdom. Virgil’s weapon had been unleashed on the kingdom and when it was used, few survived. The shock of what happened caused Terridus to flee with Schala back to Tenebrae where he vowed to heal her. In time she recovered and went her separate way.

In the years since the castle’s destruction and Virgil’s attack Terridus’s greatest fears have become realized; Oberons’s disappearance and his father’s ascension to the throne. Terridus was named Crown Prince over his older brother and found himself in the last place he wanted to be. Like he had said before, neither him nor his father was fit to rule so many. Despite being out of his element, Terridus embraced his title as best he could and spent many years rebuilding the Golden Circle and the Castle of Amber as well. He is one of the most publicly scene figures of the family, going from shadow to shadow lending aid and leadership to those that pledge their support for Amber. Rumor has it that a governing body is being formed by him and other lords and ladies of the Golden Circle in an effort to better organize and defend the kingdoms.

The open door

Terridus did his best as crown prince and was one of the main supporters of his father’s regime. Terridus over saw the reconstruction of the castle in amber and made great strides in protecting the kingdom and the golden circle while at the same time undermining his father’s claim to the throne. Terridus labored away at the Kaleidoscope of souls hoping one day to use it on the person who he saw as the rightful heir to the throne, Renee.

The chance to find her presented it’s self when Stephen arrived to the feast of the Unicorn and was seized by the royal family. Stephen was able to escape before Terridus was able to interrogate him but with the help of Bridgette and Talwin, Terridus was able to track down Renee and forced Stephen to turn her over to him. Shortly there after, Bridgette and the fake Talwin reveled their true intentions and were both dealt with.

Working with several members of the family on Tenebrea, Terridus was able to operate his machine and helped revive Renee. Terridus was quick to organize a meeting for the royal family in an effort to transition Renee onto the throne as soon as possible. Before he was able to however, tragedy struck. Khan who had rebelled against his brother Elmdore attacked Elmdore in amber and was slain along with Paragine. Although physically fine, Elmdore was devastated by his sister’s death and Terridus found himself acting king of amber.

Terridus’s priorities shifted from organizing Renee’s take over of the throne to the protection of the gold circle. He helped organize his family and stayed behind in amber to make sure it and his niece was safe. Once the main enemy had been defeated by the other members of his family, Oberion reviled himself and reclaimed his throne.

Terridus now finds himself interlocked with all the main players for the throne of Amber. He’s told himself he’s now fine with whatever the outcome may be as other problems are eating at his attention. With the golden circle under attack and Terridus as one of the few members of the family who care to defend it, Terridus is gearing up for conflict as his political run ins seem to be coming to an end, much to his liking.

Items of power

The Kaleidoscope of Souls: Built with a perfect mixture of sorcery, pattern and technology on an island off the coast of Tenebrae, the Kaleidoscope of Souls became Terridus’s greatest creation. Designed to allow for the closest of psychic connections, few know of it’s existence and only one man knows how to make it work. After Renee was saved with the the machine, Terridus had it decommissioned, worried about it possibly falling into the wrong hands and being used as a weapon against a member of the family or even himself.

“Stay away from me broken man…”
-Stephen, Arc 1

“Good man…”
-Corwin, Arc 1

“You’ve made your decision, now stand by it.”
-Elmdor, Arc 1

“How could you throw that much up? I thought you were a zombie! None of that looks like brains!”
-Virgil, Arc 2



Theme Song:
Arc 1: Tomorrow Never Knows
Arc 2: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Arc 3: Die by the Drop
Arc 4: Battle on the bridge


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