The Eagle

“I am the Third, a master, a sentinel of awakeness.”


To those who have witnessed the Eagle, it is a thing of awe-inspiring splendor and magnificence. At first glance, it appears as a massive eagle, its eyes glowing a baleful red. But only upon close examination does one see it for its true and terrible beauty. Every filament of every feather contains an image, which shifts from one to the next from each and every angle from which it is viewed. The Eagle is Trump incarnate; it contains in its vast plumage the images of all things across all of reality. To view to eagle is to catch a brief glimpse of all possible things in Infinite Shadow.


Little is known of the Eagle’s history. It is certain, at least, that it was there at the Beginning, alongside the Unicorn and the Serpent, to which it seems to be a colleague and counterpart. It has remained hidden from all of Shadow, somehow, but it has not remained inactive. The Eagle has goals, certainly, and seems far more proactive than either the Unicorn or the Serpent in manipulating Shadow.

Whatever it wants, one thing is clear: the Eagle is no friend to Amber or the Courts of Chaos. Unfortunately, none seem to be aware of the looming threat as it folds its dark wings over the cosmos.

The Eagle

Theme Song: Rain of Brass Petals

The Eagle

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