The Open Door

This is the Character Questionnaire for story arc three: the Open Door. You may answer as many of the following questions as you desire. Please Message the completed questionnaires to my account here on ObsidianPortal. Each question is worth either one or two points, depending on how well thought out and concise the answers are.

1. Your character is plagued by a recurring nightmare. Describe it.

2. Your character finds themselves in a philosophical debate about death and dying. How would your character describe the perfect death? Do they believe that such a thing exists?

3. Imagine that you, the player, have a conversation with your character. What annoys you the most about your character during your conversation? What do you like the most? Do they strike you as someone that you would love, hate, fear, or anything else?

4. Which Amberite, in your character’s opinion, deserves to rule Amber more than any other, with all the joys and pains that the title brings? Why?

5. If you had to describe your character in a single word, what would it be? Why?

The Open Door

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