The Serpent

“I am the Second, alone in a faceless crowd”


Endlessly coiling in impossible ways, the Serpent is terrible and maddening to look upon, when the unknowable eddies of its whims seizes it to make itself manifest. One of its eyes glows balefully, the other is an orb of pure blackness, giving the Serpent the appearance of having only a single eye. Its scales assume every color, but are somehow never truly pleasant to look upon. Instead, the whirling, shifting colors of its scales have been known to induce nausea and worse. Some have claimed to see visions of the future reflected upon its endless form.


Unlike its counterpart, the Unicorn, the Serpent is not shy about appearing before the Sign of the Logrus. More than one Logrus master, while meditating on the nature of the Sign, have suddenly found themselves in the presence of the Serpent. These encounters vary in nature; the Serpent can be benevolent, but it can also be very cruel; it is a being of chaos and madness, its motives and desires coming to it almost entirely at random.

The Serpent itself claims to have laid down the Sign of the Logrus, a fact that it never deviates from, no matter what kind of mood it is in, leading many to believe that it must be the truth. After all, if the Serpent is absolutely constant about something, it must be true, in a very cosmic sense.

Much like the Unicorn in Amber, the Way of the Serpent is the primary religion of the Courts of Chaos. The tenets of this faith are written in a sacred tome called the Book of the Serpent Hung Upon the Tree of Matter. The religion, if it can be called such, is based largely around the understanding of the universe and the nature of chaos.

The Serpent

Them Song: Rain of Brass Petals

The Serpent

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