The Unicorn

“I am the First, a shadow at the end of the hallway.”


“…A soft, shimmering white encompassed it, as if it were covered with down rather than fur and maning; it’s tiny, cloven hooves were golden, as was the delicate, whorled horn that rose from its narrow head. It stood atop one of the lesser rocks, nibbling at the lichen that grew there. Its eyes, when it raised them and looked at us, were a bright, emerald green. It joined us in immobility for a pair of instants. Then it made a quick, nervous gesture with its front feet, pawing the air and striking the stone, three times. And then it blurred and vanished like a snowflake, silently, perhaps to the woods to our right…”


The Unicorn, such as it is, remains largely an enigma to the Amberites. To most, it is more myth than fact, a creature of spiritual symbolism instead of a thing that truly exists. Few can claim to have gazed upon it. Oberon and Dworkin almost certainly have, and Emeric claims to have caught sight of it on a hunt; his hounds refused to give chase to the apparition. It has appeared, so the legend goes, in one location more than any other: a small, tranquil grove in Arden that has been aptly named the Grove of the Unicorn.

A vision of the Unicorn is considered a sign of great portents, and often good fortune. What it wants is unknown, but it is generally accepted that the Unicorn is a benevolent being, and something of guardian spirit for the royal family of Amber.

The Unicorn is also inextricably linked to the power of the Pattern. It’s exact relation with the Pattern, like so much else about the Unicorn, is largely unknown. RenĂ©e speculated that the Unicorn traced the Sign of the Pattern, and somehow ‘gifted’ this power to Oberon and his bloodline. Kiefer, through much study, has postulated that the Unicorn is the source of the power itself, and that walking the Pattern simply puts one in tune with Unicorn. Neither theory can truly be proven or disproved; the Unicorn remains a mystery.

The Unicorn

Theme Song: Rain of Brass Petals

The Unicorn

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