“I wouldn’t recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”


Viola is gorgeous and she knows it. Lean and limber, she keeps herself in peak condition more to impress others with her frame than any desire for martial prowess. That being said, Viola is a formidable woman when pushed. With black hair, olive skin, and hazel eyes, she looks very little like her father or brother, a tribute to Corwin’s “worldliness” out in shadow. Smiles come easily to her lips, and Viola is always ready to kick back and relax when she can.

Character Model to be Used: Isabela, DA2


Somewhat infamous for her reckless and avant garde lifestyle, Viola is nonetheless surprisingly cautious. She took her father’s lessons about life to heart, and despite seeming to have inherited a measure of his bad fortune, so is not quite so cynical as Corwin. Instead, she went the opposite route; she lives her life to the fullest, expecting disaster to strike at inopportune moments, and she revels in every second of the danger. Many have told her that if she continues to walk the razor’s edge, she going to regret it one of these days. Viola justs laughs them off, for she lives with no regrets.

Items of Power

Deadly Sins: Viola’s seven daggers are all capable of shapeshifting into various bits of jewelry that she keeps on her person at all times. Keeping her weapons on as rings, piercings, and necklaces ensures that she’ll be armed even when wearing nothing else. A practical decision, to be sure.

Viola’s ‘Lucky’ Earring: This unassuming gold stud keeps Viola a step ahead of her foes, giving her the power to move immensely fast when she needs to. More than one assassin has been foiled by a split second reaction from an Amberite who had her back turned just a moment ago.


Theme Song: Valse de la Lune


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