“We can not truly win this war through violence, we must understand our way out of it…though the violence can help.”


Virgil dresses in mostly modern shadow Earth styling preferring suits to the more medieval garb that many of the rest of the family wear. These days he wares a short stubbly goatee that never seems to get any long despite any amount of time passing as if his hair is sort of frozen in place, other then that his hair is rather short and sandy blonde.

Character Model to be Used: John Simm
Colors: Deep Blue and Steel
Symbol A portal whose border is two reptiles circling and looking at one another, inside the portal is an image of a tree
h4. Background

Virgil is to date the only known child of Dagonet. He came to Amber presumably before most of the next generation with the exception of Steven. Things about him from this time are at best hazy and Virgil isn’t some one to bring up in a normal conversation when asking about those times before. What little can be gleamed is simply that at some point in the past he went rather insane, though it has never been clear as to the stimulus that caused it. After that point he was discharged from the service of Amber for incompetence. Those who ask the elders as to what exactly happened only get the same almost practiced response that he was discharged for gross incompetence in regards to the writing of the families trump decks.

In more recent times, Virgil is seen in the Golden Circle as something of a bad omen. Normally where he goes trouble of one kind or another follows, or perhaps he seeks it out to observe. The truth is none can say with any certainly. The only truth that seems to hold up is that whatever he is doing and where ever he is doing it something is bound to go wrong.

After being set free from the Eagle’s grasp, Virgil has spent very little time not in motion. He has been all over shadow either retrieving things that were lost or gathering allies for the battles that lay ahead. The idea of being idle seems to be anathema to him.

Items of Power

The Moment: A sword of seemingly simple craftsmanship that Virgil now carries at his side at all times. In the past he had mentioned having lost ‘the moment’ at some point and now it would seem that he has recovered it. Though it boasts a simple appearance, the sword’s form glows under the scrutiny of any power to the point of momentary blindness to the unprepared. It is currently unknown where the weapon came from or how it was made, but it was seen to easily cut through bulkheads of Kronos and anything else that stood in its path.


Arc One Theme Song: I Am Here
Arc Two Theme Song: Entropy
Arc Three Theme Song Schism
Arc Four Theme Song Quicksilver


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