“I have decided to take the weight of shadow on my shoulders. No one else seems capable.”

Winter was born and raised seperate from his family, which only servered to increase the shock of his family’s atrocities. with all the betrayals and all the civil wars, Winter is on the brink of doing something he will later regret.

Character model: Vash the stampede


Winter towers above most standing almost seven feet tall, With dazzling green eyes and blonde hair spiked over his head. He dresses in a long red coat and tinted glasses. He has been known to take the true forms of a armored monster and the wind itself.

- Items of Power
Regen: Winter’s sunglasses allow him to do, and see, many things he otherwise couldn’t.
Seed of Yggdrasil: This unassuming seed is both his spell-rack and his protection.
Ragnarok: not so much an item as an ambition, nothing is known about it yet.
Jotenhiem: Winter has taken full control of his home shadow, and rumors speak the population is not fairing well.



Mad World
Season 1 theme song: Mad World
House of the rising sun
Season 2 theme song: House of the rising sun
Here I dreamt I was an architect
Season 3 theme song: Monster and Here I dreamt I was an architect

The Blood of Amber: Winter finally connected with his family, just in time for an unknown foe. When Thorne showed up, Winter was more than willing to fight this foe for his family. When he gained knowledge of Renee’s part in the war, he wanted to test his own father, to see if he was the same. Winter was satisfied with his father’s personality. Although he greatly disagreed with ruining the honor of her war by putting her in a coma.

Oncoming Storm: Winter stayed back and watched for most of the war with chaos, viewing it similar to the civil war he recently saw, this time between spouses. He did try to fight with his king against the offender, but the result was the same. He was even more unimpressed with his family.

The Open Door: Winter learned shortly after the oncoming storm of the presence of Razgiz, or at least his effect. He pushed some of his cousins to hurry up and act, but none of his cousins would do anything until the enemy was at their doorstep. After killing Razgriz, Winter had enough. His family can no longer be expected to protect shadow.

Shadowfall: In a very short amount of time, Winter has managed to discover new powers, and new ambitions.


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