It’s all Smoke and Mirrors

“The further that you go, the easier it is to forget that Shadow reflects something. I won’t say that they reflect Amber, not directly. In the Golden Circle that might be true, but when you find yourself floating through a world of liquid starlight, can you really call it a mirror-image of Amber anymore? But it reflects something. A reflection of a reflection… on and on through the house of mirrors that is reality until you end up with something that is derived from the start point, but is utterly unrecognizable as such. But you have to remember, always, that they are still reflections, and mirrors are such delicate things.”
~ Renee, Crown Princess of Amber

As Renee wisely observed, all of Shadow is a reflection of something. Mirrors and Reflections is a story of young Amberites realizing just how large the world around them truly is. Shadows will be explored, and bit by bit, the reflections will be seen for they are… culminating in a great and terrible truth about how fragile their existences are.

Session 1-4: Arc One, “The Blood of Amber”
Session 5-9 : Arc Two, “Oncoming Storm”
Session 10-16 : Arc Three, “The Open Door”
Session 17-21 : Arc Four, “Shadowfall”
Session 22- : Arc Five, “Revelation”

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Castle Amber