“I am a leaf on the wind. I go where that wind takes me.”


Schala is a frigid wind. Her cornsilk curls, fair skin, and lithe, wispy figure make her beautiful. Her cold, distant demeanor and her constant scowl make her unapproachable. Something about the way Schala carries herself makes her seem much uglier than she is. She stands in a stark contrast to her brother, Iain, who, while physically dark and brooding, is charming and disarming. Schala shares almost nothing in common, at least physically, with her father, except for her eyes, which seem to be pits of eternal darkness. She often favored simple dresses, earth tones, and greys. When she oversaw the business of Dormaguez she would wear the Silver Coronet, but never wore it outside of the duties of the office.

When she returned to Amber to answer Oberon’s Call, Schala’s hair was cut short, and the dresses of her younger days were replaced by simple traveling clothes, and a beat up old leather duster, which sports several cuts, rips and tears, burns, and a couple bullet holes.

As the years go on, Schala more and more resembles the woman she was before she disappeared from the Golden Circle some two centuries ago. Her hair has grown long again, and though she still wears a fierce scowl, there is an occasional light in her coal black eyes. Hope, it seems, has been rekindled in Schala’s heart.

Character Model: Natalie Portman


“I am dauntless. I am the rock in the storm. You can impede me. But you can not stop me.”

After her birth, Cain and his concubine disappeared back into Shadow, leaving Schala in the care of Seneschal Bran. Dagonet took pity on the young child and raised her in Avalon like she was his own. She grew up a happy child but became angry and despondent after Cain charged her with raising his new-born son. Wanting to escape her obligation to her baby brother, Schala threw herself into study and soon walked the Pattern with a relative ease considering her very young age at the time. After her first walk, Schala disappeared from the Golden Circle for a few decades. When she returned she reconciled with her brother and became a constant fixture of the courts of Amber and the Golden Circle. In recognition of her acumen, Oberon declared Schala to be the Queen Sovereign of Dormaguez, and she ruled that shadow well for nearly 75 years. During that time, Schala was considered a rising star of the Court, destined for great things. One morning, the sun rose over the Blasted Coast of Dormaguez and she was gone. She left behind nearly all her personal belongings and disappeared into Shadow with out so much as a word.

Schala’s personal sigil is the Argent Owl Rampant armed Or with a Sable Cobra armed Or Noxed around the Owl’s Talon and three Daggers Crowning Combatant.

The Blood of Amber

Schala returned to Amber dutifully, despite decades of absence, to answer Oberon’s Call. After presenting herself to Oberon he tasked her with bringing the great predators of the Wildlands to Amber proper. Considered by many to be folly at best, suicide at worst, Schala approached her task with fearless and relentless determination. Together with her companions, they succeeded in bringing the dangerous Shapeshifters in to Amber.

Her task completed, Schala sought out Jubei in Tenebrae. While there, the two fought Thorne, and were slowly losing ground. The timely arrival of their cousin, Winter, proved decisive in the combat. The three combined forces in a single all-out attack on Thorne’s mind and body, and immobilized him. In this moment of weakness, Schala took her knife to his throat, grievously wounding him. Thorne escaped into Shadow a dying man.

Schala gathered her cousins, Lises and Serpentis, and followed Renée through Shadow to hunt Thorne down. Renee stranded the three in the depths of Chaos and returned to Amber to enact her plans. Though Lises and Serpentis returned, Schala disappeared into Shadow and was not seen for several years.

In her absence, her regent, Samael Canderous, swelled with the pride of the victory won under Virgil’s command against the forces of Renée, declared himself King Sovereign of a new Dormaguez.

Oncoming Storm

The coming of the Feast of the Unicorn saw Schala’s reemergence from the depths of Shadow, and the end to the reign of the usurping King of the Blasted Coast. Soon after the closing of the feast, Rajani appeared, delivering personally her declaration of war. Schala alone barred her departure from Castle Amber, sharing heated words with the Stormfury before begrudgingly allowing her trespasses without further incident.

As Amber prepared for war with House Raja and its banners, Schala slipped away to Tenebrae, where she remained for the majority of the calm before the storm. Though she did appear briefly with Lises and Terridus during Garrick’s ill-fated march into Avalon, Schala was uninterested in assisting Garrick and his assembled army in its efforts against Virgil.

As Rajani’s forces engaged the bedraggled defenders of Amber on land and sea, Schala materialized at the personal duel between Oberon and the Stormfury herself. Afflicted with delusions of grandeur, Schala attempted to call on the raw power of Doomsong to decisively end the conflict. Instead, she was visited by the weapon’s own power, in a wash of agony and primal power the proud woman was reduced to a convulsing invalid mass of disintegrating flesh. When the bombs went off, Schala, already barely holding on, was swallowed by the black embrace, and did not awaken until long after the dust had settled.

The Open Door

When Schala awoke she found herself in the depths of Tenebrae. Her right arm had been completely consumed by Doomsong’s touch and the Praetor had grafted an advanced necrotech prosthetic limb in it’s place. The wounded Amberite retreated to the great library of Athenaeum in an attempt to find a way to restore herself.

She reemerged from study to attend the Feast of Unicorn, and after its myriad revelations, Schala, honoring her promise to Stephen, walked to the true Renee, still infirm within the confines of the Rajaways. As fate would have it, she found herself at the crucial impasse with Terridus, Brigitte, Winter, Jubei, and Stephen all in contention for the body of the Rose of May. Schala insisted that Brigitte was subverted by the Eagle, though she failed to convince the others, and left the stand-off only to reemerge with a swarm of sorcerous knives when Brigitte made her move to murder Renee on Tenebrae. Through the combined efforts of Schala, Jubei, and Serpentis, Brigitte was neutralized before she could enact her plans.

After stopping another attempt on Renee’s life with Serpentis, this time by a clever sorcerer who attempted to asphyxiate her in her comatose state, Schala was confronted by Garrick on Tenebrae. She confessed to working with Rajani during her invasion of Amber at the behest of Lucky. She detailed how she had undermined the City Guard, and how she had planned to utilize Doomsong’s frightening power to kill Oberon and end the conflict. Though she tried to explain that she had been used by Lucky, an insanely powerful and cunning agent of the Eagle, Garrick cared only for her betrayal, revealing that he too had bargained with Lucky, and that he wanted him to take her life, though he had not yet accepted Lucky’s terms. They parted ways without violence, however their conflict remained unresolved.

After joining minds with Lises and Terridus in the Kaleidoscope of Souls and stripping away the damage done to Renee a century past by Elmdor, Schala joined with Virgil and others, to assault Chronos, a living weapon of Trump created by Virgil during his subversion, and free the Amberites who were subjugated within it. While the others continued on to find Talwyn and Gerard, Virgil and Schala separated from them to find the remains of Dagonet. Though the two were caught in a trap, Virgil’s powerful weapon, the Moment, freed them. Having secured Dagonet and the other imprisoned Amberites, they made their escape.

While the lesser Primordial known as Razgriz moved towards the Golden Circle, consuming Shadow as it marched, Schala, believing the true attack would come to Amber during this moment of weakness, stayed in Amber during the epic showdown. After her family’s victory over Razgriz and the closing of his Gateway, the attack Schala had expected indeed arrived. Though she narrowly avoided the massive Shadow stealing trap due to Virgil, others were not as fortunate. Shortly thereafter, Schala returned to Athenaeum to find a way to free the new crop of recently abducted Amberites.

Items of Power

Tough Old Duster: When she began her travels of Shadow, Schala began wearing a beat up old duster. It seems like its been through a lot of tough scraps, and it’ll likely see a few more.

Dauntless: Little is known of Schala’s knife, called Dauntless by those who speak of it in Shadow. The first the denizens of Amber heard of the blade was after it nearly took the life of Thorne. It’s clear to those few who saw Thorne’s wounds that Dauntless is honed to a deadly edge. The knife itself was swallowed up in the Shadow-Storm born of Oberon and Rajani’s fury, and has not been seen or spoken of since.

Three Fourty Two: After Schala lost her right arm to the ravages of Doomsong, Terridus, master of the vast necrotech forges, crafted NT134-PSC Serial Number 342 to replace her original flesh and bone. 342 is the current pinnacle of the Praetor’s necrotech, possessing advanced technological, necrological, and sorcerous power servo-motors. Heralded by Tenebrae’s forgers as a marvel of progress, only the Praetor himself knows all the recondite inner workings, both mystic and mechanical, of the machine attached to his cousin’s arm.

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Theme Songs:
One: Forever Alone / Far Away
Two: Tortured Heart / Heart’s a Mess
Three: Whisper of Hope
Four: You Are Not Alone
The Far After: Time’s Scar


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