The Blood of Amber

This is the Character Questionnaire for story arc one: the Blood of Amber. You may answer as many of the following questions as you desire. Please Message the completed questionnaires to my account here on ObsidianPortal. Each question is worth either one or two points, depending on how well thought out and concise the answers are.

1. How do you think your character’s parent would describe your character? How would Oberon? Would the two opinions differ?

2. To your character, does revenge mean and eye for an eye, repayment with interest, the only good enemy is a dead enemy, or something else? In exacting your revenge, would your character deliver the revenge as swiftly as possible, or bide their time?

3. Someone is seeking you, but finds a shadow of you on Shadow earth by mistake. Who do they find?

4. In Renee’s rebellion, why did your character choose the side that they chose? Did your character fear reprisal from Oberon? Did they seek to please their parent?

5. What does your character fear above all other things?

The Blood of Amber

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